Thursday, June 28, 2012

CE Alum Paul Allor's "Warlord" Published in "Barsowia."

The Barsowia anthology recently featured a story written by CE alum and Book Club Manager Paul Allor with illustrations by JM Ken Niimura (I Kill Giants, Amazing Spider-Man).

Barsowia is a Galician-language anthology, published in Spain.

"Barsowia has published the work of some extraordinary comics creators over the years," Paul said. "We're quite honorored to be included among their ranks."

The story reprinted in Barsowia is "Warlord," a part of the Clockwork anthology. You can read the English-language version online at

The Clockwork anthology contained 12 original stories on cross-genre characters such as space-faring gorilla pirates, heart-broken robots, a beautiful gunfighter, and even a man on death row.

Clockwork contained artwork by Comics Experience art alums and workshop members Ken Frederick and Carl Peterson, alongside well-known artists including Brett Weldele (Surrogates) and Nikki Cook (Memoir), as well as JM Ken Niimura.

It was also recently announced that Paul will be writing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro-Series #8 featuring Fugitoid. Paul's story will introduce the popular Fugitoid character into IDW's turtles continuity.

In addition to writing, Paul works as a comics editor on upcoming or released projects such as Girls' Night Out, Gutter Magic, Deluge, and Rex, Zombie Killer

Congratulations to Paul and JM Ken Niimura on the release of their work in Barsowia!