Thursday, March 8, 2012

Robert Atkins Launches Kickstarter for Elders of the RuneStone!

Comics Experience art instructor and professional penciler, Robert Atkins (G.I. Joe, Snake Eyes, Amazing Spider-man) has launched a new Kickstarter campaign along with writer Quinn Johnson (Ninja Turtles, Kung Fu Panda, Megamind) for their project Elders of the RuneStone!

Elders of the RuneStone is a four-issue miniseries that Quinn and Robert have been working on for years (almost 20 in Quinn's case!), and the money raised will fund production of the book, including penciling, inking, coloring, and printing.

Here's the low-down on the story, from the Kickstarter page:
"What is your purpose? It's the question Scott, Kat, Dain, and Jenny must ask themselves when their typical teenage lives are thrown into upheaval by a glowing RuneStone that gives them amazing superhuman abilities.

Joined by the Adder, a shadowy vigilante with secrets of his own, the team must put aside their differences to save Darkhan City from a vicious crime lord with powers far beyond theirs...who knows more about their origins than they do."
Reward incentives for pledging include items such as Robert Atkins sketchbooks, script and art critiques by the creators, custom art commissions from Robert, original art, and a 3-month membership in the Comics Experience Creators Workshop!

For some pledge levels, supporters can even be drawn into the story and/or have their name used! Incentives are offered at all levels, from $5 to $500, so definitely check it out!

Good luck to Robert and the whole creative team on Elders of the RuneStone!

Check out the Kickstarter video and incentives here!


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