Wednesday, March 7, 2012

iFanboy's "Making Comics" with Andy Schmidt Podcast, Episode #12 posted!

The twelfth episode of iFanboy's Making Comics with Andy Schmidt podcast has been released!

In the twelfth episode, iFanboy host Josh Flanagan and former Marvel and IDW Editor (and Comics Experience founder) Andy Schmidt discuss "Marketing".

As explained over on iFanboy:
"Marketing about the hardest thing in the world...We’ll talk about some of the ideas and tools creators have at their disposal, and the importance of thinking about marketing when it comes to comics. It turns out there’s a lot to talk about."
In particular, Andy discussed the approach taken by Comics Experience Book Club Manager, Paul Allor, when he marketed his anthology Clockwork, Volume 1 to editors in the industry. In fact, you can read the full "convention panel" story Andy mentioned on the podcast in the CE Blog report on NYCC 2011 right here.

Listen in to hear a lot of great ideas on marketing!

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