Thursday, November 5, 2009

TRANSFORMERS #1 preview and interview on CBR!

Yesterday, Comic Book Resources put up a big preview of the new TRANSFORMERS #1 I’m editing that comes out this month—on the 18th. If you’re a fan, it’s got spoilers, so beware. If you’re undecided about it but are interested in TRANSFORMERS, check it out. Something big happens in the preview. But have no fear, that’s not the only surprise in the book! The preview is located here.

Today, CBR put up an interview with me about the decision revealed in that preview. It’s all story driven—and more importantly—character driven. It may be shocking, but it all makes sense and is consistent with the characters, as they’re known. There’s a lot of talk on many message boards and that’s a good thing. The interview is located here.

What’s really exciting about all of this is that people are talking. There’s a thread over on a major TRANSFORMERS website that was 16 pages long within 24 hours of the preview going up. Like it or not, they seem interested. Which is good news. Hopefully, they’ll read the book and judge it on its own merits.

I won’t say more now in case some would get spoiled, but I think another post about what goes into making big change decisions is maybe worthwhile.

I hope you enjoy the articles and pick up the book. It’s a pretty wild ride!



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