Saturday, November 7, 2009

Reviewing Scripts Today

I spent the better part of my Saturday reading the current “Intro to Comics Writing” class scripts. Their first full draft of their scripts was due last week and I’ve been reading them one by one and giving feedback. And this is just one of the reasons why I love teaching these courses.

These scripts are great. I’m giving feedback and as I’m going I’m just more and more impressed with what these writers are capable of. They exceed my expectations every time and it reminds me why I love comics and teaching the classes. They’re experimenting and pushing boundaries. One of the reasons I have them do a first draft, then give comments, and have them do a rewrite, is so they’ve got a safety net, so to speak. They can try something out of the ordinary and get some feedback on how it works before the final draft—they can either change it, refine it, or let it ride as is.

Some of them experimented with layout design, others with the boundaries of word and picture associations. Some experimented with timing and even color. I love it. It reminds me to push boundaries in my own work as a writer and as an editor at IDW.

In this case, most of what this group has tried to do has worked. This was a really fantastic bunch of scripts I’ve been reading. And the more I read of their scripts the more excited I get to jump onto my own writing for myself. It never stops to amaze me how inspiring my students are to me.

So, if you’re reading this, guys, thanks for the inspiration!



  1. Thanks, coach!
    - George (Mr. Awesome...)

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