Monday, September 17, 2012

Indie Comics Horror #1 Features Six Comics Experience Alums and Workshop Members!

Indie Comics Horror #1, the anthology series from Aazurn Publishing, will include four stories written by Comics Experience alums and Creators Workshop members. And two of the stories are illustrated and lettered by CE folks as well!

Indie Comics Horror is a 48-page black and white comic book featuring six complete stories in this issue.

The first issue is now being solicited for pre-order on page 228 of the September 2012 issue of Diamond PREVIEWS and may be ordered via your local comic shop. (PREVIEWS Order Code: SEP120728)

This issue features stories written by the following CE alums and members:
* Minister to the Undead written by C.M. Beckett
* The Standard written by Glenn Møane
* Immortal Resistance written by Rob Anderson
* The Belt written by Joe Sergi.
Two of the stories -- The Belt and Immortal Resistance -- also feature artwork by CE alum DaFu Yu, and lettering by Workshop member E.T. Dollman.

In Beckett's Minister to the Undead, a minister has an unusual relationship with his flock. Møane's The Standard, explores dating and guns. In Anderson's Immortal Resistance, the Spartan 300 face an undead horde. And in Sergi's The Belt, a sexy space romp turns deadly.

You can view a trailer of the issue right here:

If you'd like to get a copy, make sure to pre-order it, to ensure that your local comic shop carries the book!

Congrats to all our alums and members appearing in this issue of Indie Comics Horror!


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