Wednesday, September 26, 2012

CE Alum Joe Sergi writes for CBLDF!

Back in April, we wrote about how CE alum, Workshop member -- and attorney -- Joe Sergi had written an article posted up on the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF)'s website.

Since that time, Joe has become a regular columnist for the CBLDF, writing about many aspects of the history of censorship!

And the columns have been garnering praise. Most recently, Joe's column on Frederick Wertham vs. Superman prompted none other than @neilhimself -- a.k.a. Neil Gaiman -- to tweet it was a "great article."

We also enjoyed Joe's recent article that showed censored panels from comic books before and after the imposition of the Comics Code. Here's one example from Joe's article:
In the story, entitled “The Case of the Chemical Syndicate,” a murder suspect explains how his fingerprints came to be found on the murder weapon, a knife. In the post Code reprint, however, there is no knife at the scene at all, creating odd dialogue. Granted the Code forbid “excessive and unnecessary knife and gun play” in General Standards, part A, 7, but I would think the knife was pretty necessary to these scenes.

If you have an interest in the history of comics, or the dangers of censorship, definitely check out Joe's columns and sign up for the CBLDF email newsletter!

You can view all of Joe's articles for the CBLDF right here.

Joe is a life-long comics fan and author who has written short stories, novels, comics, and articles in the horror, science fiction, super-hero, and young adult genres. Most recently, his work has appeared in the Elevator Pitch Press anthologies Aliens Among Us and Don't Be Afraid.

Congrats to Joe on his regular column with CBLDF -- we look forward to reading more!

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