Sunday, September 11, 2011

COMMUNITY NEWS: Amy Chu Writes About a Difficult Topic

Comics Experience Writing alum, Amy Chu, has released a comic book short story, titled Closure, which was written as part of a 9/11-related writing challenge on the Creators Workshop several months ago.

In a blog post, Writing About a Difficult Subject, Amy wrote:
I was surprised at how emotional I became during the writing process. During 9/11 I lived in lower Manhattan and watched the towers fall outside my window.

All I could think about at the time were the people in the building, and how my husband had turned down an offer from a firm on the 103rd floor, and ever since I have avoided revisiting the coverage of those events, especially around this time of year. So I suppose the title of this story “Closure” has meaning for me personally as well.
With story by Amy Chu, art by Silvio DB and lettering by Creators Workshop member E.T. Dollman, Closure is currently available on Amy's website,

Posted by Rob Anderson
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