Tuesday, September 13, 2011

COMMUNITY NEWS: Rich Douek Discusses Gutter Magic

Comics Experience Writing alum and Creators Workshop member, Rich Douek, recently penned a column for ComixTribe about writing comics and the winding path to his first comic book, Gutter Magic.

In the column, First Steps, Rich discusses how he had almost given up on writing comics, even though he had a story in mind -- one that began life as a prose story.

"Writing comics was one of those things I had always wanted to do, but was always finding excuses not to," Rich wrote.

But after coming across Andy Schmidt's appendix in the Peter David book, Writing for Comics and Graphic Novels, Rich looked up the Comics Experience online courses and signed up. In the column, Rich continues:
"In terms of creating comics, taking the Intro to Writing course was definitely a good move for me.

The course was equal parts learning how to write a proper script and construct a story, and how to maneuver and network within the comics industry. I picked up a lot of great tips, but the most valuable thing to me was the fact that I had homework. I had a project! A deadline! Concrete goals I could work towards completing. It was electrifying..."
Rich has since gone on to create Gutter Magic, and just this week he released the second story in the series, currently available for free on his website.

The story, entitled "Nice Work," is written by Rich Douek, with artwork by J.C. Grande, and letters by Creators Workshop member E.T. Dollman.

Congrats, Rich, and keep making comics!

Read Rich's Column, First Steps

Read Gutter Magic: "Nice Work" on

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