Sunday, December 6, 2009

Breaking Into Comics Podcasts!

Courtesy of last writing classes George O'Connor, iFanboy (always a friend to Comics Experience) has put up another podcast on the topic of breaking into comics and it features CB Cebulski, Ron Perazza and Stephen Christy. Good tips and insight in this one. If you're interested in working in comics, these are all three good guys to listen too.

They offer insight for both Marvel and DC Comics and Arhaia Studios Press. It's a well-rounded discussion for indy books and the mainstream. Josh Flannagan does the interviewing and I have to say, he knows how to ask inviting questions and get surprisingly honest responses from people. Check out the interview he did with me not too long ago covering some of the same territory. Man, he got me to just spill all the beans...

Here's the first podcast: http: Click Here.

And here's Josh's Podcast with me on being a Senior Editor at IDW Publishing, breaking into comics, working at Marvel, working on GI Joe, Transformers, editing the first Annihilation series, and all kinds of other stuff: Click Here.

Hope this is interesting stuff to you guys.