Sunday, February 13, 2011

Students Publish Another Anthology!

The last Comics Experience writing class has gently published it's anthology book called More Tales From the Comics Experience. They have self publishers the material and that means they've accomplished probably the hardest task in all of comics.

Some people look at self publishing as what someone does when no publisher will pick up the work. Not at all true. While, sure, that does happen, in the case of these writers and artists, they never submitted the work for publication. That wasn't what this was about. This was about learning how to--and thereby gaining the confidence--to publish their own work.

You see, when a publishers accepts your work, all of a sudden, you've got a lot less to do. When you self publish, you're the project manager, your the editor, your the marketing department, the publisher, your printing it, shipping manager, and the retailer all in one. The is simply no other way to get the kind of experience and understanding of the comics industry than self publishing. So when I say tuner is nothing tougher, I mean it!

But enough about how hard it is to self publish. Let s get to the point. The content. The writers of this anthology all entered my class at different levels and all had different goals. Their goals are still their own. The course is designed to help writers get to the core of his or her idea and then teaches a methodology to help them break it down and execute it professionally and to full effect. Then I throw a big complication in the mix. They have to do it in just five pages. Now THAT is hard!

Jamie, Matt, Brian, TDR, Vaughn, Alex, Jim, and Greg all pulled together compelling and entertaining stories and found extremely talented artists to work with on them. This is a major achievement. You've got it all in here, too. Science fiction set in space, westerns, horror, the whole bit! If you like comics and you want to see a bunch of creators who have earned their comic book, check it out.

And if you want to support such independent creators, please order yourself a copy right here!



  1. Building on a point you made: By self-publishing, you learn so much about the entire industry. I've had great conversations with store owners, managers, reviewers and customers that were illuminating and educational.

    By diving in and doing it yourself, I think creators will gain a better appreciation and understanding of the industry.

    - George


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