Saturday, February 5, 2011

Comics Courses Open for Enrollement!

If you've wanted to make comics or learn to write or draw comics, this is the year for you! Take a look at the quick rundown of what is coming down the pike from Comics Experience to help you get your comics career jump-started!

Today's CE Blarg is about courses coming up. Slots are limited, so if you're ready to learn how to get started making comics--either for yourself or professionally--this is the time to sign up! Take a look and reserve your spot today!

Introduction to Comics Writing
Begins March 10th!
This six week course teaches everything from story structure to character development, from comic script formatting to finding artists and working with them, from marketing to printing. All at the hands of veteran comics editor and writer Andy Schmidt. Don't wait, reserve your spot today! Read more and sign up here!

Introduction to Comics Coloring
Begins March 7th!
Veteran colorist and Sotocolor studio head Chris Sotomayor leads this six week course that covers using Photoshop for coloring, flatting, rendering, color choices and storytelling choices. This course alone has jump started several careers already and it's not even a full year old yet! This is hands down the best way to get your comics coloring up to professional levels! Read more and sign up here!

Introduction to Comic Book Art
Begins April 27th!
Join Marvel and IDW mainstay artist Robert Atkins for a six week tutorial on how to approach scripted pages, create functional and eye-catching page designs, figure drawing, perspective, and a huge emphasis on storytelling--the key defining feature of comics creation. Learn from one of the best in the business to start drawing up your comic pages right away! Read more and sign up here!

Introduction to Lettering and Production
Begins June 20th!
Dave Sharpe has lettered for... everyone. He was the head of Marvel Comics' in-house lettering and production staff for several years and is one of the most well respected, talented, and professional letterers in the comics business. Join him for six weeks to get your comics lettering skills up to speed. Nothing brings great work down like bad lettering--and now to get professional lettering, you can do it yourself! Read more and sign up here!

Comics Experience has been around for nearly four years, and it's grown steadily every year. But it's grown with one thing in mind from me--every course, the workshop, in fact, everything Comics Experience does must live up to my own standards. And those standards are these:

1. Comics Experience is honest and encouraging. There is no soft answer--but there are encouraging ones.

2. Any course or class or workshop must be one that I want to take and wish had been around when I was trying to break into comics ten years ago.

I (and now we) are committed to making these the best, most comprehensive courses available--anywhere.

Thanks for reading!



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