Thursday, July 29, 2010

Technology and comics

I am writing this from my new iPad. FOrgive the typos as ia get used to this device. Wow, that looks terrible, and yet it is a perfect metaphor for what Im thinking about right now. Technology doesn't by its own nature improve or degrade comics. There are some eventualities. Or maybe even pitfalls if we want to call them that.

The truth is, technology usually does one or more of four things: it makes a current device smaller, taking up less physical space. This iPad does that quite nicely. Heck, this keyboard is smaller and even though it's driving me nuts, it's an improvement to lugging my laptop around--I think.

Secondly, new technologies will make accomplishing a goal faster or easier. That one is pretty self explanatory. If you know anything about how comics are produced, you know that something link Photoshop made coloring comics a ton faster. And a lot easier.

Third, new technology should improve accuracy. Again, Photoshop makes for a good example when applied to coloring

The last thing new tech tends to do is make something cheeper. Some form of production of the comic becomes less expensive--in some cases, simply making a process faster, makes it cheeper. We've seen this with lettering when it went digital. There are fewer letterers in the business now abut they're probably earning about what they would had digital lettering not developed. And those who didn't want to convert to digital find themselves almost completely out of work.

I'm not passing a moral judgement here. I'm just gating the facts as I see them. .

And now here I am in 2010 and buying an iPad becAuse I'm worried of getting left behind. Comics Experience depends on the best technology to keep course personal. And this month vie been working with both rob Anderson and John barber to make the technology even better

Were launching our writers workshop on August 1st and the artists workshop on September 1st. And to do that, we've create members only forums. Added a lot of stuff to do them to make the groups interactive, personal, easy to use and a lot of fun--never lose sight of the fun of comics!

And I don't love learning how to use the latest technology and I'm personally still pretty far behind the curve, but I'm determined to get there. Or else I'll be left behind as a comics professional and a teacher. So, for the betterment of my editorial duties, my business, and the comics industry, I'm embracing the changes coming to comics.

And I think in the case of Comics Experience, it's making for a better, more personal, more complete experience.

I'll probably post up about digital comics soon, but maybe after I learn how to type on this darn thing!

Check out the website for details on the ongoing writers and artists workshops. They're truly amazing.



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