Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rob Anderson's REX, ZOMBIE KILLER hits Previews Today!

Comics Experience founder, and former Marvel and IDW Editor Andy Schmidt wrote up today's post. Why? Well, because...

Rob's too embarrassed to write this himself... So it falls on me, Andy, to write it up. Hi. Good to type with you all again.

I believe we've talked a lot recently about many of the successes that Comics Experience members have been having in the comics field. And it's pretty awesome, to be sure. I've now filled a long box worth of material from CE alumni -- totally awesome. And I'm THRILLED to add Mr. Rob Anderson's name to the list.

Rob is the Comics Experience General Manager, as some of you probably know. He started here as an inaugural member of the first ONLINE writing course.

Rob's skills as a creator, combined with his strange obsession with animals, really made him stand out in the class. And his eagerness to continue to learn with Comics Experience and his fellow classmates was a huge factor in getting the Comics Experience Creators Workshop off the ground.

The guy's passionate about everything he does. And it shows. Did I mention his strange obsession with animals? We'll come back to that.

Rob self-published his first couple of comics quickly after his first course. He's since taken the Advanced Writing course and the Editing and Project Management course, and now he's being published by Big Dog Ink with his latest creator-owned book Rex, Zombie Killer!

So back to his strange fascination with animals...

I first learned about this when I read his first creator-owned book: Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit. A totally awesome book about hybrid animals run amok. Sorry, I just butchered your concept, Rob. That's what you get for being too modest to write this yourself!

And now with Rex, he's created a book about a hyper-intelligent Golden Retriever, a gorilla with a baseball bat, and a small pack of animals trying to cross the country after a zombie apocalypse.

Now, let me be honest. I'm zombied out. Still love The Walking Dead and all, but I've had enough. So when Rob asked me to read it, he was wise enough to only talk about the dog and the gorilla. (Well played, sir.)

And this book really sings! It's got a fun concept, a great execution (fantastic art by Comics Experience's own DaFu Yu!) and it's got heart. And that's what a lot of comics today seem to be missing -- a good story, well told, with a reason to exist.

Rob and DaFu are actually telling a story that's about the human spirit (despite the fact that all the humans are zombies). And it's wrapped up in this really super-fun story. Congratulations, Rob, you've given me a zombie tale I didn't know I wanted and I really enjoyed it!

Also of note, from the Comics Experience angle, colorist Kevin Volo is currently enrolled in Chris Sotomayor's Introduction to Coloring class and letterer/designer ET Dollman is a member of the Creators Workshop. And wouldn't you know it, the book is being edited by Comics Experience alum and Book Club Manager, Paul Allor. A very nice showing by Comics Experience alumni and networking!

Now, let me be serious for a second here.

Rob has honestly become a close friend to myself and my wife over the past few years since we began working together. And it is my sincere pleasure to congratulate him on such a great creative work with great creative partners. I'm really happy for all of you guys. And since it is a great read that I am more than comfortable endorsing whole-heartedly, please order a copy from the February 2012 Diamond Previews catalog! Here is the correct order information:
Publisher: Big Dog Ink
Title: Rex, Zombie Killer
Diamond Order Code: FEB12 0806
Please pre-order the book if you can! It goes to a good cause -- Rob has a lot of animals to feed...

Congrats again.


You can check out the audio promo for Rex, Zombie Killer right here:

Or visit for more info.


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