Thursday, April 26, 2012

COMMUNITY NEWS: Bobby Curnow's "Battle Beasts" Ashcan from IDW Hits C2E2!

Writer Bobby Curnow had a new book debuting at C2E2 this year: the Battle Beasts ashcan published by IDW!

Bobby is both a Comics Experience alum and a member of the Creators Workshop, where he offers members pro critiques on their work.

Bobby wrote the Battle Beasts ashcan story, with art by Valerio Schiti (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Donatello, Dungeons & Dragons: Eberron), and a cover by Dan Brereton!

Battle Beasts is being produced by IDW in conjunction with Diamond Select Toys. In addition to the aschan, DST was also offering an exclusive promo Minimate of one of the book’s lead characters at C2E2. The story will continue in Battle Beasts #1 in July 2012, premiering at San Diego Comic-Con (July 11-15).

The ashcan focuses on a group of renegade Beasts who return to Earth to protect the ultimate weapon (and the human who activated it) from an armada of their violent brethren. It reprints the first eight pages of issue #1 in full color.

Bobby recently said, "Getting the chance to help create the new Battle Beasts in comic form has been a fantastic and supremely fun experience...IDW has a lot of experience finding riveting stories in toy-based licenses, and I hope Battle Beasts is no exception."

Bobby's new creator-owned miniseries, Night of 1,000 Wolves, arrives in stores in May. That title features artwork by Eisner-nominated artist Dave Wachter.

Bobby is also an editor at IDW where he began by editing titles like Robert Bloch's That Hellbound Train and John Layman and Alberto Ponticelli's Godzilla: Gangsters and Goliaths before moving on to his current position working on both the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Godzilla franchises.

Congrats on Battle Beasts, Bobby!

If you want to make comics, write, draw, letter, and color comics, or improve as a comics creator, you'll find like-minded friends and colleagues in our online workshops and courses. We hope to see you there!

Posted by Rob Anderson
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