Monday, June 28, 2010

Lettering and Production Class -- Enrollment is open!

Many folks have asked me why I haven't expanded the Comics Experience courses beyond writing and penciling. I've held to my firm belief that if it wasn't a class I myself would take by an instructor I'd want to take it from, then I wasn't going to do it.

Comics Experience is my baby and my reputation in large part hangs on how good these courses are. It's hard for me to hand over even partial control. Last year, I tested that with Chris Sotomayor in our first coloring course. It was a HUGE success. We immediately created an Advanced Coloring Course for those students and several of them are working professionally now, just a few months later.

And then I spoke with another old friend named Dave Sharpe. He's been lettering comics since before I started working in comics myself. We met at Marvel when I was an assistant editor and despite his biker-gang appearance, he's one of the most friendly and happy individuals I know.

Sure, you're friends, but is he talented and can he teach?! Heck, yeah, he can! He was the man tapped to head up Marvel's in-house lettering department that lasted for two years before it was decided that it was more cost effective to out-source the lettering. Dave is still lettering for Marvel as well as a myriad of small publishers.

And he can teach. I've seen him do it as he taught me much while I worked at Marvel. In ten minutes, he taught me enough about lettering that I could talk reasonably intelligently about it with the seasoned Marvel staff--thank you for that, Dave.

And when talking with many of my students who go on to create their own books or work in the industry, the harsh realities of the costs associated with producing a comic book have been quite a hurdle.

Lettering your own comic, and doing so professionally will save a creator hundreds of dollars per issue. And this class also prepares its students for the production work, placing logos and UPCs and all of that non-sense and putting the color art with the lettering art. It's all covered here, and that saves you even more money.

But here's the best reason to learn how to letter--it's FUN! And as a comic fan or creator, you'll learn a lot about art and writing when you have to deal with all those pesky balloons!

So, without further ado, it's my pleasure to welcome Dave Sharpe to the Comics Experience family! And I hope you'll join Dave and me for the first ever Comics Experience Lettering and Production Course. Click on over to the courses page for the full details!


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