Wednesday, August 17, 2011

COMMUNITY NEWS: Paul Allor Releases Clockwork, Volume 1

Comics Experience Writing alum and Creators Workshop member Paul Allor released his first book this week, a collection of short comics titled Clockwork, Vol. 1.

The book contains twelve stories, written by Paul and drawn by different artists, including Comics Experience art alums and workshop members Ken Frederick and Carl Peterson, alongside well-known artists including JM Ken Niimura (I Kill Giants), Brett Weldele (Surrogates) and Nikki Cook (Memoir).

These stories defy genre lines, taking you on a journey from the Old West to outer space, from death row to a child's home, in a book that combines dynamic storytelling and true heart.

Comics Experience founder Andy Schmidt noted:
"Paul Allor is continually testing boundaries -- both his own as a writer and those of the comics medium. Every story in this impressive debut book contains something new -- something reached for -- and the result is awesomeness obtained."
Paul recently wrote about the lessons learned from Comics Experience in producing his book in a special guest blog.

In addition to those listed above, the book also features artwork by Silvio dB, Ben Dewey, Jesse Hamm, Aaron Houston, Leandro Panganiban, Borch Penya and Juan Romera, with cover colors by Matt Wilson.

You can read Clockwork, Vol. 1 online for a limited time at, and can order the print version in the Clock Shop.

Posted by Rob Anderson
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