Thursday, September 2, 2010

Intro to Art and Intro to Coloring start next week!

Wow. Today was amazing. My creator-owned book came out today. And I'm amazed with the reviews and feedback so far. People seem to really like it, which is awesome. But more on that later. Tonight, I want to talk about my real passion and that's teaching these courses and helping new comics creators express themselves! Let's talk about the classes we're offering right now.

INTRODUCTION TO COMIC BOOK ART is taught by myself and Robert Atkins. Robert's been teaching and drawing comics for years and he's not only a top-notch storyteller, respected professional, and popular artist, he's also one of the most generous people I know. I can't wait to start this class with him on MONDAY! Don't miss out, folks. This is a real opportunity for you to learn how to do comics for real and in just six short weeks. Totally worth it. Sign up for it now.

Also starting next week, is Chris Sotomayor's INTRODUCTION TO COMIC BOOK COLORING class which has just gotten a huge response from the people who have taken it. I was amazed that people with little to zero Photoshop skill could jump in and have good, quality, professional colored pages by the end. I mean, really, really, amazed. When he and I designed the class a year ago, I just didn't think that was likely. I didn't think it would happen. But man, he proved me wrong.

Much like Robert, Soto as he's known, is also extremely generous (with a mildly more potty-mouth, I'll admit) but a totally awesome guy and also respected within the industry. He's helped many a working colorist get their start already, and he loves to see artists succeed and do what they love. This class starts next Thursday and is totally worth it as well.

Coming soon, we've got the LETTERING AND PRODUCTION class which, as a writer, is a pays-for-itself course. Letter your own books and do the production work on them, and you will save yourself tons of cash! True for artists, obviously as well.

This one is taught by Dave Sharpe, who has lettered for every publisher under the sun. Also a great guy, hard working, honest, and genuinely happy to help and work in comics. LETTERING AND PRODUCTION starts at the end of September. And you can sign up now for it as well.

The next INTRODUCTION TO WRITING course starts the first week of November.

INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL AND TRADITIONAL INKING also starts the first week of November. It's taught by myself and Jonathan Glapion. Jonathan, like the others on this list is honest, hard working, and is set up and ready to go. In the last few years, Jonathan has really been leading the charge legitimizing digital inking as a valid artistic expression. His digital inks are just as good as anyone's traditional inks--including his own!

This is a real bonus for artists who want to ink themselves and get that extra cash in pocket or for anyone who wants to learn to communicate with inkers in a real and engaging way. I can't stress enough how cool this class is going to be. I'm really looking forward to it myself!

So if you're looking for a place to learn the craft of making comics, Comics Experience is it. These guys are all bound by the same rules I started on myself--it has to be a class I would want to take, it has to be filled with information and technique, it has to teach a methodology to getting the work done while still allowing the students to express themselves artistically. And most of all, it has to be an honest and encouraging environment.

So jump on in to a Comics Experience course and get your comics career started today!



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