Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Always Wanted to Fly

And now I have, thanks to Kau'i Aero Sports in Kau'i, Hawaii. No posts from me lately because if my vacation this week and last week, but couldn't resist talking about this. So, I'm traveling with my wife, son, and my wife's parents (yes, I like them, so it's okay). And we're on "The Garden Island" of Hawaii and it is beautiful. Hardly a comic book to be found here, which, for me, is a pretty welcome break (of course, being the obsessive guy that I am, I brought several with me).

The place is breath-taking. Now, we'd been here a little over a week already when I decided to try out a form of hang gliding. The vehicle is called a Trike. It's essentially a hang glider with wheels. It has a motor for take off, essentially. But once you're up, your gliding and it's a wonderful experience. No cockpit, no windows, it's you against the open air.

I'm not certified to fly so I went up with Steve from KAS and he is certified and he knows the area and was an excellent guide, doing a lot of fun (but not risky) flying and giving me a view of the island hardly possible any other way. I wasn't all that interested in a helicopter tour, but this, the air against your face and body, the wind pushing you along, this was what I wanted.

We flew along the coast, looking at caves along the beech that you can only get to by boat, we flew INSIDE A VOLCANO! How cool is that? We flew right next to that giant waterfall from "Jurassic Park" where the helicopter lands in the beginning. We flew over a huge mountain ridge as clouds were rolling over the top of it from the other side, right towards us. It was astonishing.
Kaua'i is a beautiful island and a wonderful place to visit. And this flight through and around the island stitched my whole vacation together. If you ever get the chance, you too can feel like Superman. It really feels like you're flying.

PS. I haven't gotten my pics yet, so I pulled these off the Internet. One is just of a trike and the other is of the volcano I mentioned. Really awesome stuff. Check out for more information if you're interested!



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