Monday, March 22, 2010

CE alum in ZUDA Competition!

I can't tell you how cool it is to watch as students of the Comics Experience courses go forth into the world of comics and pop up all over the place! And sure enough, hot on the heals of the announcement about Nick Spencer's property getting bought up by Hollywood, here's another success story!

Ken and Janinie Frederick have submitted their comic "Aleksander Christov: Assassin" in this month's online Zuda competition. Ken took the Comics Experience art course last year in New York City and his wife Janine has recently joined the Comics Experience Book Club. But their love of comics wa pre-dates their time with Comics Experience.

Janine said of their decision to submit to Zuda, "Our decision to make an entry for Zuda came while Ken was working on a 5-page comic for an anthology book, after he had finished the Comics Experience class. While he was busy drawing, I was writing. I had an idea in my head for a not-so-short story that was scratching and clawing to come out. Ken read part of my story and asked if I could turn it into a comic book script. So - our adventure began! A few weeks later we had a fully completed 8 screens worth of story, ready to submit to Zuda. When we found out our comic had made the cut for the March competiton, much jumping up and down and squea ling ensued. I did most of the squeeling... Ken doesn't squea l. :-)"

Thier project is currently averaging a hefty four out of five stars and leading the month's competition! But it isn't over yet, so please click on over to the Zuda Competition HERE and give them a vote! The deadline for voting is March 31st at noon! Don't wait, give 'em a helping hand right now!

And my most sincere congratulations to both of you, Ken and Janine. This is truly exciting for you, and we're all very proud of you.


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