Saturday, March 20, 2010

CE Alum hits Hollywood!

Wow! What a week! There's been a lot going on with Comics Experience and its alumni in the last week, and it all happened while I wasn't looking! I've hardly been at my computer in the past 10 days, but man, a ton of great stuff coming up and announced! I'll be getting to some others in blog posts throughout this week and next, but let's send out a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to CE Writing class alum NICK SPENCER!

Check out these links on the front page of the Hollywood Reporter and Reuters! His awesome indy comic EXISTENCE 2.0 has been optioned by not just anyone at Hollywood, but these are big guys!

Hollywood Reporter Article

Reuters Article

Very cool, Nick. Congratulations.

You know, getting this news reminded me of STAR WARS (but, you know, what doesn't remind me of STAR WARS?) when Darth Vader tells Obi Wan that he was the student but now he's the master. You're the master now, Nick. Just don't become a master of evil like Darth, my friend.


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