Sunday, February 14, 2010

Digging In The Dirt

Sorry for the delay in recent posts, folks. I've been buried at work at IDW due to circumstances I can't talk about yet and on top of that, I've got deadlines looming for two different writing projects that are just stressing me out. I'm not off the reservation, just working hard.

Got a couple of cool things to show you soon from the Coloring course that just wrapped up though. I hope to write that up tomorrow.

In the meantime, I thought I'd post a couple of images of an old creator-owned project I developed with current AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and DAREDEVIL artist Marco Checchetto. They aren't in order, really, so it probably won't make any sense. But, man, they're pretty. This was back before he started working for Marvel. Great guy. Be sure to pick up his Marvel's books!

If anyone's interested in knowing more about the pitch, what it looks like, format, anything like that, just let me know. I'll maybe pull a blog together about that whole thing. Well, one blog, or like 10...

Stuff like that is always fun and it lets you know I'm not lying. I really do work a lot!


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